The Tool Protégé 2 Semfis, is used to export ontologies from Protégé to Semfis. This tool supports version 4.3 of Protégé.


You can find more details about functionality which was taken directly from the old plugin in the section documentation. There is although so information about which functions had to be adapted and which where not implemented in the new tool. The end of the documentation section are new functions which could be implemented to improve the connection between Protégé and Semfis.


Our Example shows you how to use the plugin. We give you an predefined ontology which you can download here. You will be shown how to load the ontology, install the plugin, use the plugin and at least how to generate an XML file which can be imported to AdoXX.


Under the downloads section you can find the plugin as well as source code and our example files.


Semfis is not our plugin nor was it developed by us, it was developed at the University of Vienna at the Semfis group. They developed the AdoXX plugin as well as the Protege plugin for OWL version 1.0. Now that Protege 4 uses OWL 2 it was not possible to use the Plugin therefore we rewrote some functions and added some extra stuff.