Restaurants for Scientists in Vienna

Due to numerous requests from several friends and visitors from academia I have compiled a list of restaurants in Vienna that I can recommend for having a nice meal. As the ownerships of such places sometimes change frequently there is no guarantee that the places still offer the same quality and experience when I last visited them - although I try to update the list from time to time.

Here is the list:

Primarily Austrian Food

These places serve primarily typically Austrian dishes such as Viennaer Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Austrian beer and the like.

Austrian Wine Taverns (Heurige)

Wine Taverns (Heurige in German) are a very traditional institution in Vienna. The food may be rich but is very tasty. Check for their opening hours as they may not be open all year round.

Italian Food

For the lovers of Italian food:

French Food & Pastries

In the last years French food places also became a little trendy in Vienna. Besides warm dishes they usually also serve nice French pastries.

American Food & Steaks

For all meat lovers and those who are into low-carb diets:

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian seems to be another upcoming trend and the food in the following places is not just tasty but easily keeps up with traditional restaurants - Chez Nico even exceeds a lot of traditional restaurants in my view:

Coffee Houses, Pastries (Mehlspeisen) & Ice Cream Places

What would be Vienna without pastries, the Viennoiserie or 'Mehlspeisen'? This is a must for any visitor :-)